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Statement of Purpose: HealthSET is dedicated to improving the lives of the low-income elderly. Our highly-skilled and compasssionate nurses and case workers provide free clinics and substantial follow-up care, acting as a bridge to the complex health care and social service systems. We give our most vulnerable seniors the tools to live independently, which is key to preserving their quality of life.


Address: 4200 West Conejos Pl, Suite 200 Denver, CO 80204
Phone Number: (720) 321- 9320
Fax: (720) 321-9321
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 7
Full Time Volunteers: 1
Part-Time Volunteers: 64



Executive Committee: Shelley Leyba Cale,Bryan Shepherd David Thompson, and Maureen Carney,OP
Director(s): Susan Bosold, Chair Bryan Shepherd, Vice-Chair Sister Maureen Carney,OP,Sec. David Thompson, Treasurer Shelley Leyba Cale, Past-Chair Karen Black Luke Daniel Sister Pat Hayden, SC Norma Nash Bryan Shepherd Janine Gracy
Key Personnel: Jane Barnes Sharon Ehler Dan Grey Maura Martin Mary Ann May Jane Salland Marian Stumpf Audri Talmadge


Founded: 1988
Community Served: Metro-Denver


Ongoing Projects: Health Promotion Clinics and Nurse Care Management




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