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Cops Fighting Cancer


Statement of Purpose: Cops Fighting Cancer provides individualized (and immediate) financial, practical and emotional support to help cancer patients and families focus on defeating the illness. People who have been diagnosed with cancer immediately find themselves in great need. The primary need is medical care, but all of the other “day-to-day” needs do not just disappear. Rent and mortgage payments still need to be made, families still have to be cared for, and all of the other practical daily tasks need to be carried out. These everyday hardships don’t just go away. They are quite often the straw that breaks the camel’s back(if you will). Our mission is to prevent that breakdown of the family from happening. That is, to provide immediate and essential help during the dark hours when no help is apparent and hope cannot be found. Quite simply, we work to create a “new normal” in the lives of our families


Address: PO Box 441721 Aurora, Co. 80044
Phone Number: 720-327-2261
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 3
Full Time Volunteers: 10
Part-Time Volunteers: 50


Major Fund-raisers: Toy Drive for The Childrens Hospital, Boxing Match, Poker Run, Golf Tournaments, Fashion Show


Executive Committee: James Seneca, Mickey Elliott, Tom Collins, Mario Horta, Jenelle Bezdek
Director(s): Kama Winter
Key Personnel: Andrea Viarrial, Chris Murphey, Ginger Delgado, Amy Sampson, Jeff Mattoon, Kieth Singer, Rebecca Hargis,Ron Atherton


Founded: April 2003
Community Served: State of Colorado




Accomplishments: Helped over (150) families and raised over $1.2 since April 2003.


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