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Statement of Purpose: Our Vision: The Colorado "I Have a Dream"® Foundation encourages 100% graduation of students in the Denver area. Our Mission: We assist children from low-income communities to achieve their educational and career goals by providing a 12-year program of mentoring, academic assistance, life-skills development, enrichment, and tuition assistance for higher education.


Address: 1836 Grant St.; Denver, Colorado 80203
Phone Number: 303.861.5005
Fax: 303.861.5008
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 10
Part-Time Volunteers: 75


Major Fund-raisers: Annual dinner


Executive Committee: Cherrelyn Napue, president; ,Eric Sondermann vice president; Dick Weill, treasurer; Leslie Ginsburg, secretary; Trevor Emery, past president
Director(s): Phillip AdamsRob L. AlvaradoDouglas A. Andrews Justin W. BallTamara BanksDeborah Dale BrackneyAllan Cohen, Psy.DRobert L. Cohen Tomago CollinsEmily Curray Steven C. DembyAnna EdgarGeorge J. Flanders Maria Garcia BerryZ. Vanessa GiacomanTracy Huggins Sonny JacksonSen. Michael JohnstonStephen H. Kaplan Robert L. Loeb, Jr. Councilman Paul D. LópezJohn MastroTony PriceRichard RainaldiChris Romer Deanna Sands, Ph.D.Peter ShermanDavid A. Simon Leigh SinclairLoAn VoAntwan Wilson
Key Personnel: Rachael Gazdick, Executive Director Ann Sookswat, Director of Advancement Stephanie Dreiling, Administrative Director


Founded: 1988
Community Served: Metro-Denver area


Ongoing Projects: Active 20/30 Class of 2017, McHugh Class of 2013-2014, McLoraine Class of 2014



Accomplishments: The “I Have a Dream”® program has been particularly active and successful in Colorado. Since it was established in Denver in 1988, CIHAD has had six classes graduate. The first two classes of Dreamers completed high school with graduation rates of 87 and 83% – nearly double the rate of their counterparts who were not Dreamers. The Ginsburg Class of 1999-2004 turned a 90 percent dropout rate into a 92 percent graduation rate. From this class, Hispanic male Dreamers are enrolling into post-secondary accredited programs at 6 times the norm in Colorado; the females at 3.2 times the norm. The Donnell-Kay Foundation Class of 2003 celebrated an unprecedented 95% graduation rate. Male African Americans from this class are enrolling into post-secondary accredited programs at 4.7 times the norm in Colorado; the females at 3.2 times the norm. The Active 20/30 Class of 2006 and the Lillis Class of 2006 had graduation rates two to three times of their counterparts without the Dreamer program; 49 recent graduates are receiving post-graduation support from CIHAD; many of these Dreamer alumni are pursuing further education.


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