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Upcoming Events:
Aurora Mental Health Center's 10th Annual Spring Luncheon featuring Second City - Friday May, 02 2014
Aurora Mental Health Center Adult Focued Mental Health First Aid - Wednesday June, 11 2014
Aurora Mental Health Center Youth Focused Mental Health First Aid - Wednesday June, 25 2014


Statement of Purpose: The Aurora Mental Health Center (Center) is a 501 (c) (3) corporation founded by volunteers in 1975. Services were provided in donated space. The Center has operated and grown continuously since then and is now a $22 million organization with an exceptional reputation locally and nationally. The Center currently has more than 400 employees, nearly 100 of whom are clients whose employment is furthering their recovery. The staff and more than 80 volunteers provide services to more than 11,000 people annually. Services are provided in 17 specialty clinics located in eight counseling and specialized service centers, in six residential facilities, in public schools, at two county departments of human services, in homes and foster homes, and at other community locations. The Colorado Division of Mental Health named the Center the number one community mental health center in the state for 2006.


Address: 11059 E. Bethany Dr. Suite #200, Aurora, CO, 80014
Phone Number: 303.617.2300
Fax: 303.617.2397
Email Address:
Web Site:



Major Fund-raisers: Annual Spring Luncheon


Director(s): Dr. Randy Stith


Founded: 1975
Community Served: Aurora, Bennett, Strasburg and Watkins





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