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Cheryl Shackelford Foundation profile

Cheryl Shackelford Foundation


Statement of Purpose: The Cheryl Shackelford Foundation is committed to raising public awareness and educating women in the state of Colorado regarding the symptoms, risk factors, and facts about ovarian cancer. Our goal is to increase the rate of early detection of ovarian cancer and assist those women diagnosed in a supportive role.


Address: 10259 C West Fair Avenue, Littleton, CO 80127
Phone Number: 303.972.8741
Email Address:
Web Site:


Part-Time Volunteers: 12



Executive Committee: Carol Sue Cisler,President; Sue Townsend, Vice-President; Shannon Blakley, Secretary; James Casperson, Treasurer
Director(s): Carol Sue Cisler, Sherri Wirth, Liddy Duff, Jessica Adler, Shannon Blakley, Julie Krager, Sue Townsend, James Casperson, Mary Fruehauf


Founded: 2004
Community Served: Denver and the State of Colorado





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