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Statement of Purpose: Elephant Talk is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that provides free food to a network of food pantries across the Front Range community. Uniquely, Elephant Talk focuses on those pantries, usually in the poorest neighborhoods, that can not afford to purchase their food from traditional fee-based support organizations in our community. A work of love for our community, Elephant Talk has become a proven, consistent and well respected resource for these pantries. With the donation of a large truck from Emich Chevrolet and Whole Foods’ loving commitment to this community, we provided almost 2 million pounds of food in 2009. Today, a small fleet of trucks run seven days a week to support an expanding network of dedicated relationships with retail food stores, distributors, warehouses, and manufacturers. And, we have made a big difference. A pilot group of food pantries have gone from barren to well-stocked with a nutritionally balanced blend of meats, fresh produce, fruit, non-perishables, dairy, breads and pastries. However, our work has just begun. A growing list of unsupported pantries have applied for Elephant Talk support - and demand on our existing food pantries is growing monthly. Meeting this demand will require at least 5 millions pounds of food in 2010. And more food means more trucks, drivers, and fuel costs. In May of this year, we filed our annual report with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office showing $852,500 in financial and food donations in 2009 – with only a 2% operating costs during a start-up year. We are very proud of those numbers – and we expect operating costs, as a percentage of revenue, to hold steady at 2% in 2010.


Address: 9371 Loggia Street, Suite C, Littleton, Colorado 80126
Phone Number: (303) 775-7550
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 3



Executive Committee: Kenton Kuhn, Robin Smith, Terri Lawson, and Randy Harris
Director(s): Randy Harris and Sandra Sommers


Founded: March 1, 2008 as a Colorado-Based 501(c)3
Community Served: Metro Denver




Accomplishments: 2009 Pilot produced overe 2 million pounds of high-quality and badly needed food for the hungry in our community.


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