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American Council of the Blind of Colorado

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Upcoming Event:
Raisin' Cane Walk-a-Thon - Wednesday October, 15 2014


Statement of Purpose: The American Council of the Blind of Colorado (ACBCO) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting independence, equality, and opportunities for all blind and visually impaired individuals in the state of Colorado.


Address: 910 16th Street, Suite 1240, Denver, CO 80202
Phone Number: 303-831-0117
Fax: 303-454-3378
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 6
Part-Time Volunteers: 85


Major Fund-raisers: Dinner in the Dark, Braille Rally, Raisin' Cane Walk-a-Thon


Executive Committee: Karen Karsh, Chair, Jim Stevens, Vice-Chair, Park Peters, Secretary; Tom Chesney, Treasurer
Director(s): Barbara Boyer, Executive Director
Key Personnel: Martina Torres, Community Outreach/Volunteers Director Paulette Foss, Boulder Community Area Resource Coordinator Shirley Proppe, Area Resource Coordinator Frances Torres, Area Resource Coordinator Darlene Calkins, Administrative Assistant


Founded: ACBCO was incorporated in 1978
Community Served: While most of our constituents live in the Denver Metro Area, we serve over 300,000 Blind and Visually Impaired throughout Colorado.
Associated Guilds: American Council of the Blind


Ongoing Projects: Sight for Seniors Program, Vision Link Program, , Outreach and Support Services, Educational Opportunities, Advocacy and Public Awareness



Accomplishments: In 2012 ACBCO provided our services at NO COST reaching over 6,600 with over 600 individuals receiving direct services. ACBCO has hosted “In the Dark” events to bridge the gap between the sighted and blind/visually impaired worlds. We use these events to educate those in attendance and raised funds for our programs. Likewise, ACBCO was able to be in front of the general public to help educate and dispel myths relative to B/VI issues by participating in community events like the People's Fair. In 2012 because of financial constraints we only made 56 community organization presentations to service clubs, residential areas, schools, veterans and senior groups to help provide education specific to eye health, disease and prevention. Over the past 18 months ACBCO has added four new support groups under our Sight for Seniors Program.


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August 18, 2009 Dinner, Song and Sweet Jazz

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