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International Midwife Assistance


Statement of Purpose: International Midwife Assistance (IMA) is a charitable, nonprofit, humanitarian organization. IMA is secular and non political. Our mission is to raise the standard of maternal/infant care in areas experiencing crises in maternal/infant health. We place midwives and other healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics and homes to provide care. IMA trains midwives and other healthcare workers and delivers medical supplies, medications, and teaching aids. IMA gives slideshows and educational presentations to increase awareness about maternal/infant care.


Address: P.O. Box 916, Boulder, CO 80306
Phone Number: 303-588-1663
Fax: 303-265-9445
Email Address:
Web Site:




Director(s): Jennifer Braun, executive director


Founded: 2004
Community Served: pregnant women and infants around the world


Ongoing Projects: Teso Safe Motherhood Project in Soroti, Uganda


Newsletter: Winter Newsletter 2010



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