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Statement of Purpose: The mission of FosterSports is to make a positive difference in the lives of foster, homeless and displaced youth in Colorado, providing equipment, athletic programs and sports-related financial grants to assist in their healthy development. As a non-profit organization, we engage volunteers, community leaders, and sponsors to ensure that sports activities are available to its participants.


Address: 123 West 10th Avenue Denver, Colorado 80204
Phone Number: 303-335-8684
Email Address:
Web Site:


Full Time Volunteers: 6
Part-Time Volunteers: 45



Director(s): Tim Thein- President, Claud Cloete- Vice-President, Traci Streifer- Secretary, Jennifer Gafford- Treasurer, Cindy Liverance- Member
Key Personnel: Petur Workman- CEO & Founder


Founded: January 2011
Community Served: Foster, Homeless and Displaced Youth





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June 23, 2011 FosterSports Launch Party