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Shelter-Me Photography


Statement of Purpose: Shelter-Me Photography (SMP) is changing the way people see shelter animals and expediting their adoptions into forever homes by professionally photographing them at no cost to their caretakers. We believe all animals seeking adoption deserve to look their best and therefore do not discriminate based on species or breed (mixed or pure). In doing so, we increase their perceived value and adoptability and come one step closer to changing the way society views them. Our goals are to: 1)Provide regularly scheduled services to adoption agencies throughout the United States; 2)Minimize euthanasia rates and maximize adoption rates; 3)Help animal adoption agencies reach and maintain operational sustainability; 4)Increase the perceived value and of adoptability of mixed breed animals; 5)Dispel societal prejudice against shelter animals; 6)Give greater exposure to rescue and shelter organizations by increasing traffic to their websites and facilities; 7)Lessen the emotional, physical and financial burdens of those who work or volunteer in the animal welfare community; 8)Provide a gateway for educating the public about the realities of backyard breeding, puppy mills, baiting dogs, fighting dogs and other types of activities that often involve animal cruelty; and 9)Increase awareness of pet overpopulation and the need to spay and neuter.


Address: PO Box 3795, Boulder, CO 80307-3795
Phone Number: 303-242-1623
Fax: 303-865-3536
Email Address:
Web Site:



Major Fund-raisers: 2011 Shelter Dog Expo, Black Tie Dinner and Silent Auction


Executive Committee: Nanette Martin, Sonja Andreasson, Myra Rooney, Jan Rauker, Lori Beuerle
Director(s): Executive Director - Nanette MartinDeputy Director - Sonja Andreasson-MartinMyra Rooney - SecretaryPam Alford - Shelter AdvisorMerry Carol Porter - VeterinarianKay Anderson - Human ResourcesCarolyn Wright, Photo AttorneyKyle C. Kreischer, Esq
Key Personnel: Jan Rauker Lori Beuerle Myra Rooney Elizabeth Rooney


Founded: 2009
Community Served: Animal Shelter Community


Ongoing Projects: Weekly visits to Aurora Animal Shelter in Aurora Colorado, monthly visits to Adams County Animal Shelter in Brighton, Colorado, quarterly visits to 10 shelters in New Orleans, Louisiana,



Accomplishments: Our images have boosted adoption rates at every adoption facility we have serviced, some as high as 100% for the animals photographed. Our images have also helped long-term shelter residents (some over 5 years!) find homes and prevented dogs on death row from being euthanized (the kennel manager could not bring herself to destroy them after seeing our pictures of them).