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GIVE Denver
GIVE Denver 2013 Spring Basket Drive


Statement of Purpose: GIVE Denver is a human services program that helps foster children, the homeless, veterans, at-risk seniors and the underserved. GIVE Denver helps those whom may not have their full needs met through Denver Human Services assistance programs. The program partners with volunteers who can link vulnerable families to resources in the community such as food banks, housing assistance, or utility assistance. Through donations, GIVE Denver links foster and kinship families who care for a child on a moment’s notice to basic necessities like shampoo, diapers and formula. Additionally, GIVE Denver ensures needy families have school supplies every fall, presents and food every holiday and gift baskets every spring.


Address: 1200 Federal Blvd., Denver, CO 80204
Phone Number: 720.944.GIVE(4483)
Fax: 720.944.3096
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 2
Full Time Volunteers: 2
Part-Time Volunteers: 105


Major Fund-raisers: School Supplies, Holiday, Spring Basket and Basic Necessities Drives


Director(s): Marvyn Allen
Key Personnel: Thomas Meiers


Founded: 1980
Community Served: Denver County


Ongoing Projects: Connect underserved families to community resources and basic necessity drives



Accomplishments: Helped more than 20,000 children, people and families in 2011


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