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Statement of Purpose: Our purpose is to transform the lives of children with autism. Partnering with families, we create life-long relationships through thoughtful, innovative, empirical learning treatment programs.


Address: 2695 South Jersey Street Denver, CO 80222
Phone Number: 303-759-1192
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 59



Director(s): Jason Romero Jesse Ogas Dr. Camille Kolu Jenny Blankenship Mark Rapp Burgess Stockwell
Key Personnel: Stephanie Hill Bryan Tanner Emily Roche Charlene Byron Amy Taylor


Founded: 2003
Community Served: Children and families impacted by Autism: Denver, Front Range, Eastern Plains, Western Slope, Grand Junction


Ongoing Projects: Serving our underserved population: Helping break down 3 barriers: Financial, Geographical and Linguistic barriers



Accomplishments: Firefly has served over 600 children and family members in the thousands!


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