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Statement of Purpose: Metro Volunteers mission is to mobilize and cultivate volunteers as a vital force in our community.


Address: 1355 South Colorado Boulevard, Suite C-601 Denver, CO 80222
Phone Number: 303-282-1234
Fax: 303-558-4186
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 7
Part-Time Volunteers: 3,000


Major Fund-raisers: Heart of Volunteerism Award, Heart at Work Luncheon


Executive Committee: Deborah Dale Brackney, Cindy Willard, Carol Wright, Margaret Thompson
Director(s): Kristy Judd, Executive Director


Founded: 1994
Community Served: metro Denver
Associated Guilds: none


Ongoing Projects: Volunteer and Civic Engagement, Board Leadership Connection, Hands On Schools, Impact Program, Mentor Recruitment



Accomplishments: We help to mobilize over 125,000 volunteers each year at community organizations throughout the metro Denver area.


Previous Event Coverage:

February 26, 2013 Metro Volunteers Celebrate with Heart
April 26, 2011 Metro Volunteers 6th Annual Heart of Volunteerism
May 10, 2010 Metro Volunteers: Honoring a Lifetime of Volunteering
September 14, 2009 Dean Prina, the Pediatrician Extraordinaire
May 07, 2008 Gallagher Family Awarded Heart of Volunteerism
January 11, 2008 All the Best to Jackie Norris
April 24, 2007 Metro Volunteers Gather to Give Honor to Carol Gossard
August 01, 2006 Metro Volunteers Holds Inaugural Award Celebration
May 12, 2006 What a Waiter Will Do for a Good Cause
May 06, 2005 Celeb Waiters Dish It Out for Metro Volunteers
May 21, 2004 Outlandish Celebrity Waiters for Metro Volunteers. You Won't Believe This.
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