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Swallow Hill Music Association profile

Swallow Hill Music Association


Statement of Purpose: The mission of Swallow Hill Music Association is to serve as a local & regional resource for the presentation, teaching, preservation and encouragement of folk music & dance, & to make the live enjoyment of folk music a vital part of Denver's cultural life.


Address: 71 E Yale Ave Denver, Co 80210-
Phone Number: (303) 777-1003
Fax: (303) 871-0527
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 15
Full Time Volunteers: 0
Part-Time Volunteers: 50


Major Fund-raisers: Folk Festival, Artists in Resonance


Executive Committee: Bob Barton (president), Matt Dalton (vicepresident), Bill Wilton (treasurer), Larry Fish (treasurer), Katy Shaw (at large)
Director(s): Ted Bright, Steve Garvan, Larry Goldman, Rosie Gonzales, Howard Lambert, Steve McMillan, Kathy Schumacher, David Walker, Christy Wessler
Key Personnel: Tom Scharf


Founded: 1979
Community Served: Rocky Mountain Region
Associated Guilds: Canpo





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