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ArtReach, Inc.
ArtReach 40 for Forty


Statement of Purpose: The mission of ArtReach is to "change lives through the arts" by providing access to arts and cultural experiences for underserved and at-risk people of all ages.


Address: 789 Sherman St., Suite 290
Phone Number: 3034332882
Fax: 3034332882
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 2
Part-Time Volunteers: 100+


Major Fund-raisers: ArtReach Dine and D'art gala, Visionary Arts Workshops, Art Parties


Key Personnel: Karla Johnson-Grimes and Amanda Braton.


Founded: 1974
Community Served: Children, adults, and elderly who are at-risk, economically disadvantaged, disabled or isolated from the social mainstream.


Ongoing Projects: Community Tickets Project, Arts Express, Camp ArtReach--the Summer Adventure, Hands On Arts



Accomplishments: For over 43 years ArtReach has provided over 3 million at risk and underserved individuals of all ages with opportunities to change their life through the arts by putting over 37 million dollars worth of programs into the community. Current programs include Arts Benefiting Kids, Community Events, and Arts Express. ArtReach partners with over 350 non-profit organizations, schools, cultural organizations, and professional artists/performers to reach disadvantaged individuals and families. The goals of ArtReach are: increasing access to the cultural arts for at risk and underserved children, youth, adults, families and elderly; conducting outreach on behalf of cultural, historic, and scientific organizations; and increasing appreciation of and participation in the cultural arts for the seven county, Denver Metro communities.


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